Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you store coffee?
Coffee should be stored in a air-tight container, kept in a cool dry. It’s important keep it away from air, moisture, heat and light. So away coffee from the stove, and out of the refrigerator. If you must freeze coffee, make sure it is in a double zip-locked freezer bag.

2. How long does coffee stay fresh?
Fresh roasted coffee in the beans stays fresh 10-14 days, if stored properly. Ground coffee should be used within 3-5 days.

3. How do you brew coffee?
Start with fresh roasted coffee beans. Grind your coffee just before brewing with a burr grinder. Make sure your grind size fits your brewing system. For example, French press would require a med-coarse grind, a pour over a fine grind. It’s good to learn the feel of the texture of your grind, so you can tell if it need to dialed in and adjusted.
Use 1-2 tbsp for each 6 oz of water, this is a guide and can be adjusted to taste.
Start with cold water and bring to boil between 195-205 F. If you are using a digital scale to weigh your beans, a typical ratio of beans to water is 14 to 1. That is, for example, if you are brewing a French Press with 300g of water, you would use 20g of coffee.

4. Do I have to use Espresso to make espresso?
There is no espresso bean. Espresso can be made with any bean as long as it’s ground for the espresso machine. Espresso blends are created to capture a crema and a blend that will be a great espresso as well as being able to stand out in a milk based drink such as a latte.

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