Colombia Madre Laura Anaerobic
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Colombia Madre Laura Anaerobic

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Anaerobic fermentation is a relatively new and experimental processing method being perfected by coffee producers. It tends to produce rounder, liqueur-like fruit notes.

This Colombian has a full body and nutty taste, with nuanced delicate notes of pear. 

REGION: Jerico, Antioquia

ELEVATION: 1900-2000 masl

VARIETAL: Caturra & Dos Mil

PROCESSING: Anaerobic Fermentation/Red Honey

TASTING NOTES: Pear, Black Tea, Cashew, Caramel

What is anaerobic fermentation?

All coffee undergoes some fermentation, but most happens in open-air, oxygen-rich settings. Anaerobic fermented coffee is kept in a pressurized, oxygen-free container. Anaerobic coffees are either Natural (full cherry fermented) or Honey (outer skin of cherry removed, mucilage retained). 

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